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Prioritization matrix

Prioritize features by value vs. effort

Prioritization isn’t just determining what would be most valuable to build. It’s also about what’s feasibile.

The Prioritization matrix is an interactive visualization that helps you prioritize features within an objective by visualizing each feature’s value, versus an effort estimate.

  • Drag and drop features vertically to indicate their value to an objective, and horizontally to indicate estimated effort.
  • Toggle the horizontal axis between the standard effort field and other custom dropdown fields, such as a t-shirt estimate.
  • Sync your Jira story points field with productboard’s standard effort field so updates in Jira will be reflected on the matrix in real time.
  • Assign high priority must-have features to an upcoming release.

Find the matrix as a new grouping option on the Features board.

Available on the Team/Scale plan and above.

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