Engage your customer community

As product managers we might sometimes flatter ourselves thinking users’ lives revolve around our products. In reality they are inundated with other commitments and distractions. So when it comes to asking users to invest time and effort in helping us improve our products (for their benefit), they may not bite unless we’ve taken active steps to engage our customer community. Doing so gives you the chance to convert active customers to loyal fans.

Show users they’ve been heard

When you collect user feedback, make sure you’ve logged who needs what, so you can thank them for their input down the road. Have an important customer call? Show up prepared, having reviewed their recent inputs in advance. They’ll know you’re listening!

Share ideas you’re considering, and what’s planned

Seek user feedback on ideas you’re considering, and feature’s you plan to build. They’ll provide valuable input that can help you validate your ideas, so you know you’re solving the right problem, and solving it in the right way. Meanwhile users will become more invested in your product, and may suggest additional enhancements on their own. Users should know where they can submit brand new ideas they have, even when you haven’t solicited specific feedback.

Celebrate what you’ve launched

Your team works hard on the new features they develop. Don’t forget to promote what’s new! Offer colleauges and customers a way to see all recently launched features, so they can stay informed around what new functionality is now available. Plus, when you see it all together, you might be surprised by how much your team has gotten accomplished in recent months! With all the kudos they’ll be getting, your team will feel proud of all they’ve accomplished. ?