The Top Reasons a Product Strategy Fails (and how to fix it!)

Roman Pichler

March 12, 2024
8am PT I 11am ET I 4pm GMT
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Bad products exist. Some aren’t useful, some aren’t intuitive, and some are just wrong. It takes a lot of “rights” for a product to be successful. So what ultimately goes wrong? Is it the product manager’s experience level? Is it not understanding the customer needs? It all starts with the product strategy.

 In the fast-paced and competitive business landscape of today, implementing a solid product strategy is essential for sustainable growth and staying ahead of the curve. However, despite best intentions, product strategies often find themselves ensnared in common pitfalls that hinder success.

Why does product strategy remain such a persistent challenge today?  This webinar will dive into the common product strategy mistakes, how to avoid them and how to ensure a strong foundation for product success.


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Roman Pichler

Roman Pichler is a leading product management expert who specialises in product strategy, product leadership, and agility. Roman has written three books on product management. He pioneered agile product management practices, and he has developed a range of product management frameworks, methods, and tools including his product strategy model and his Product Vision Board. Has advised product leaders and he has taught product managers and product owners for more than 15 years.