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Product Spotlight: Continuous Insights

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In today’s volatile environment, it’s more important than ever to keep a pulse on customers’ evolving needs and make the right product decisions, fast.

Our latest insights capabilities make it easier to continuously listen to customers, pull out the signals from the noise, and rapidly deliver on customers’ changing needs – and make it scalable for teams of any size.

In this on-demand session, three of Productboard PMs will deep dive into the why behind building some of these features –

  • Customer Board: Sophie Lalonde, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Productboard
  • Insights Automation, Sentiment Analysis: Dominik Ilichman, Product Manager, Productboard
  • AI Summaries, Insights Trends with New Smart Topic Detection: Stathis Eleftheriadis, Senior Product Manager, Productboard

Following the PMs, hear from Loïc Dhallenne, Senior Product Manager, PayFit as he discusses how his team uses Productboard for effective management of customer insights.

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