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Endless Spreadsheets to Seamless Workflows: Executing Product Management for Scale

Josh Gibbs, VP of Product at Canto

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Was your 2022 fraught with dated spreadsheets, lengthy meetings, and cross-functional tension?

Make 2023 your year to change minds Watch the on-demand AMA with Canto’s VP of Product, Josh Gibbs, about new and more efficient ways of working. This session is your chance to learn about all things efficiency, including:

  • Rebuilding product processes
  • Easing cross-functional dynamics
  • Speeding up releases

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Josh Gibbs

Josh Gibbs is the Vice President of Product at Canto where he helps build tools to enable content creation teams to optimize their content production pipelines. In his career, he’s built product teams from the ground up, implemented disciplined growth strategies for companies like HP, VMware, Cisco, and Salesforce, and has led several transformation initiatives to help companies scale their technology and development capabilities.

You can learn more about Josh and the transformation that he successfully led at his company by reading Canto’s customer success story, and following him on LinkedIn.