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Navigating the Agile Transformation: Creating Digital-First Products, Processes & Culture

Sam Juraschka, Principal for BCG X

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Rapidly transforming markets, customer preferences, and technology require companies of all sizes and industries to quickly transform their product, people, and processes – or risk being left behind by the market.

During this session, Sam Juraschka, Principal at BCG X, shares digital transformation trends and best practices, including:

  • Common hurdles that organizations encounter during a transformation journey
  • Strategies to make the mindset shift from project to product management
  • Real-world success stories of traditional organizations that digitally transformed 
  • Actionable tips for starting your transformation (and how to rally everyone around this)
  • Modern tooling that empowers teams to become agile and accelerate product innovation

As a champion for change, gain the tools and techniques to promote the culture of agility and modern product practices required to successfully transform, increase operational efficiency and stay relevant with today’s customers.

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Sam Juraschka

​Sam is a healthcare focused principal and entrepreneurial product leader with a track record of successful product launches. Sam has helped drive early product development and Proof-of-Concept builds with partners across pharma, provider and med-tech spaces.

​Highlights of Sam’s strategy and venture experience at BCG include: Launching a digital second opinion business for Cardiothoracic + Gynecological surgery, VR based digital therapeutic for Autism, a health benefit platform for lower-back and musculoskeletal pain and clin-dev tools for patient and site identification for clinical trials.