Autodesk Fireside Chat

Winning Stakeholder and Customer Trust in Your Product Strategy

Brian Roepke, Platform Product Leader at Autodesk

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In order to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive market and prevent customer churn, product leaders must proactively establish scalable and standardized product processes that empower teams to quickly solve for fast-evolving customer needs.

During this fireside chat, Autodesk’s Brian Roepke shares proven product leadership tactics on how to:

  • Run effective planning across 60+ products, connecting strategy to execution
  • Keep the team focused on customer impact (even when the ‘customer’ is internal)
  • Harness best-in-class tooling to drive change and gain org-wide buy-in 
  • Manage cross-team collaboration at enterprise scale – with a 100+ person product org

You’ll walk away with actionable insights on how to build a strong product mindset and culture, no matter your team size – and rally your business towards building excellent products.

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Brian Roepke

Brian Roepke leads the new Analytics & Insights team for Autodesk’s Platform. His team is a group of passionate Data Scientists and Analysts that enable data-driven decision-making through insights that optimize Autodesk’s platform’s business, product, and cost. Prior to his current role, Brian led various product and platform product teams–including founding a company acquired by Autodesk.