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Collaboration between product and GTM teams is a critical point of success—and failure—for any business. Uniting departments around product’s activities is critical for building company alignment and achieving business outcomes, faster.

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The Perfect Partnership: Product and GTM Aligned

A video series from Productboard

Episode 1: 5 Problems Caused by Misaligned Product and GTM Teams
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5 Problems Caused by Misaligned Product and GTM Teams
Episode 2: Build Cross Departmental Relationships
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How Product can Build Cross-Departmental Relationships
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Achieving Product and GTM Team Alignment

Product Collaboration Tips

Break barriers and build bridges with product-led collaboration

With Productboard, get the capabilities your product team needs to better collaborate at scale, rally the entire organization around the roadmap, and execute faster.

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“Externally, I’m seeing people that aren’t in product being champions of products’ roadmaps. It has democratized the conversation about what our priorities are and why.”

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CMC Markets

“It’s common in our culture at CMC to ask others why they’re doing things. Now we can say, ‘here’s a problem state, a view of which customer segments are asking for a solution, and how it fits into business objectives.’ All of a sudden, everyone has visibility into prioritization since we centralized everything in Productboard.”

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“Productboard reduces work, saves tons of time, and prevents duplicate work. It’s not just less time to gather the feedback, but also efficiencies in tracking roadmaps and sharing product decisions.”

Align the entire business with the roadmap.

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