Actionable OKRs for Product Leaders


As a product leader, have you ever felt spread too thin to be effective in your work? Has your team struggled to commit to one strategy and de-prioritize another? Has your organization lacked alignment due to conflicting goals? Great product organizations have learned to harness the power of OKRs to move from output to outcome-based goals.

Stephen Walker, Senior Director of Product at Productboard, shares how implementing an OKR framework can deliver greater focus, alignment, and measurable progress toward exciting outcomes.

Three things you will learn:

  • Why OKRs fail, and how to avoid this trap
  • How to align executives, leaders, and teams on the right problems to solve
  • How OKRs connect your strategy and roadmap


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Stephen Walker

Stephen is Senior Product Director at Productboard. He’s an entrepreneur and digital product leader who is passionate about exceptional, innovative products. His experience ranges from scaling startups to launching new products with Amazon, AT&T, Disney, Microsoft, and Symantec.

Actionable OKRs for Product Leaders