How are product teams approaching remote work and collaboration in 2021?

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Resources are tight. Pressure is on. Gotta think big. Need to deliver fast.

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Of course, we all conduct user research sessions,
but that is 1-off. Where is the continuous feedback? Are we proactive in asking for input or wait till the user reaches out to us? Is the user's voice really influencing our product strategy?

If the answer is anything but 100% yes, then we need to change that.

At productboard, we want to help you put the user feedback at the core of everything you build.

So, we want to give you something, for free.

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Welcome to your Product Portal.

Where you can collect ideas, validate features, and promote releases.

Product Portal is our way of giving back to all the product makers who are building the next big thing. Build on!

Let's let the product below talk for itself

Expand on a card to add feature feedback or click on the + to submit new feature ideas.

Collect Ideas

Empower users to influence the roadmap by providing direct feedback to product teams.

Validate Features

Post promising ideas to collect feedback from users before turning them into features.

Promote Releases

Notify users when there are updates on features they requested to close the feedback loop.

Listen to your user feedback, period.

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