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Productboard Service Level Agreements (“SLAs”)

  1. Availability 

Productboard will ensure that the Subscription Service is operational and available to  Customer 99.0% of the time, as calculated on a monthly basis (the Uptime Guarantee). 

  1. Availability calculation 

All unscheduled outages resulting in unavailability of the Subscription Services will be  included in calculating whether Productboard has met this Uptime Guarantee; provided,  however, that suspension or unavailability of the Service (a) during planned downtime  for upgrades and maintenance to the Subscription Service (of which Productboard will  use commercially reasonable efforts to notify Customer in advance both through its  support portal and a notice to Customer’s account administrators) (Planned Downtime); or (b) resulting from Productboard’s suspension of Customer’s access pursuant to the  Platform Guidelines; or (c) for reasons caused by problems inherent in the use of the  internet which are beyond Productboard’s control, will not be included in the calculation  to determine adherence with the Uptime Guarantee. Productboard will use commercially  reasonable efforts to schedule Planned Downtime for weekends (US Pacific time zone)  and other off-peak hours, and Productboard covenants that the frequency, duration and  timing of Planned Downtime shall, in all events, be commercially reasonable. Customer may check Productboard’s most up-to-date status by visiting 

  1. Service credit 

In the unlikely event that Productboard fails to meet its Uptime Guarantee for any  calendar month, Customer shall be entitled to a service credit equal to 1/52 multiplied by  the current annual Price set forth in the Order Form (the Service Credit). 

  1. Credit eligibility 

To be eligible to receive a Service Credit, Customer must request such Service Credit  from Productboard no later than fifteen (15) days following the end of the calendar  month in which Customer believes that the uptime of the Service was below the Uptime  Guarantee. Service Credits not requested within such fifteen (15) day period will be  automatically forfeited. Except as provided in Section 5 below, Service Credits shall be  Customer’s sole remedy for Productboard’s failure to meet the Uptime  

Guarantee. Service Credits may be applied towards future contract term and shall not be  redeemable for cash. Final calculations and determinations as to Service Credits shall be  made by Productboard at its reasonable discretion. 

  1. Termination 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that Productboard fails to meet the Uptime  Guarantee in any two consecutive months or three times in any rolling twelve month  period, Customer shall have the right to terminate the applicable Order Form for the  respective Subscription Services by notice to Productboard in which case Productboard shall promptly refund to Customer any prepaid but unused fees with respect to the  Subscription Services.