Fireside Chat: how to enhance cross-functional team collaboration

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When leading product organizations, you have to ensure your teams effectively collaborate to quickly ship features that your customers will love. As a product leader, you need to be skilled at removing blockers, shaping the right product culture, and establishing the business context and structure to make your teams successful.  

During this session, three highly experienced product leaders will offer their strategic guidance on how to:

  • Ensure product, engineering and UX teams stay aligned around the product vision
  • Enable cross-functional teams to understand the ‘why’ behind what’s being built next
  • Streamline collaborative processes that can help teams run faster together

Product teams need to learn how to build products smarter and faster in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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Robin Zaragoza

Product coach, leader, and speaker, Robin is the Founder and CEO of The Product Refinery. Robin helps product managers and leaders get unstuck, unlock solutions, and achieve their goals faster. Robin has spent the last 20 years working in tech and product roles at startups, scaleups and the likes of eBay and TripAdvisor. Prior to launching The Product Refinery, Robin developed and delivered product management training for Mind the Product, the world’s largest product community.

Fireside Chat: how to enhance cross-functional team collaboration

Eric Bin

Veteran Product leader with a background in e-commerce, SMB B2B SaaS, and supply chain, Eric currently serves as the Director of Product Management at Article. Eric is hyper focused on customer obsession, people development and operational excellence as the path to building successful products. As a Product person, his product hero is Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda Motor Company. His relentless drive, thirst for innovation, and exacting standards are reflected in the company to this day.

Fireside Chat: how to enhance cross-functional team collaboration

Susana Videira Lopes

Susana is an experienced product coach and director of product. Susana was previously the founding member and Director of Product of Onfido’s Biometrics Line of Business, driving 10x growth year on year for over 3 years. A seasoned B2B Product Manager with over 8 years of experience, Susana splits her time between coaching product managers, working on new value propositions and long term strategy.

Fireside Chat: how to enhance cross-functional team collaboration

Product makers that grow faster go faster

As product makers, we all want to achieve excellence in our craft. But what constitutes an excellent product in the first place? What strategies, processes, and mindsets are employed by the world’s best product teams?

In our How-To fireside chat webinar series, you’ll get an inside look at the fundamental skills, knowledge, and tools required to build today’s most beloved products — from vision to strategy to execution.