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Release groups

Create multiple sets of releases in the same Productboard workspace

If you have multiple teams working out of the same Productboard workspace, they may not all be on the same release schedule. It may also be helpful for each team to define releases in different ways for various types of planning.

Release groups allow you to create multiple sets of releases in the same Productboard workspace.

  • Define a release group for each of your product teams’ release schedules. Associate each release group with the product(s) it relates to, so everyone sees just the release groups that matter to them.
  • Create different release groups to represent sprints, development cycles, internal releases, or customer-facing marketing launches.
  • Create a group of releases representing broad time horizons for your roadmap (Now, Next, Later or Q1, Q2, 2H) while continuing to manage your development releases in another release group (R19, R20, R21).

For more information, see the Release groups support article.

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