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Product-specific fields

Allow each teammate to focus on the fields most relevant to their products

Product-specific fields


If you manage multiple products out of the same Productboard workspace, you can now assign fields (e.g. drivers and prioritization scores) to specific products. That way everyone will see just those fields that relate to the products they’re working on.

  • When reviewing a feature’s details in the side pane, you’ll only see fields associated with that feature’s parent product.
  • When configuring various fields in the side pane, you’ll only see the fields associated with the product(s) visible on the current view.

Available on the Enterprise plan


Supported field types

You can assign the following field types to specific products:

  • Release groups
  • Drivers
  • Custom fields
  • Prioritization scores
  • Tasks (including those associated with integrations)

More info: How to associate fields with products


Get started associating fields with products!

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