Using storytelling to create a strong product culture



Jan 24, 2024
8:00 am

Using storytelling to create a strong product culture

This past event is now available to watch on YouTube.


Product leaders are in extremely high demand today, as more and more tech companies understand that strong product leadership is crucial for their success. Yet, not all organizations really understand that the role is a strategic business function in and of itself and end up giving neither enough space nor the right mandate to make decisions. This usually leads to a lot of frustration on both sides: The product leader is not able to realize their full potential and the executive does not see the expected impact.

In this session, we will dive into how product leaders can use the power of storytelling to build a strong and healthy Product culture. Although considered a core skill in product management, storytelling is an often overlooked strategy, especially in regard to internal stakeholder management. We will explore concrete scenarios where storytelling can help you and provide you with actionable insights on how you can become better at it.

Our speaker

We’re excited for Mareike Bonitz to share her insights with us! Being keen on building human-centric technology, Mareike ventured out into the software tech scene 8 years ago. She has been part of a variety of product teams in different start-ups and scale-ups ever since, learning how (not) to do Product. Since then Mareike has not only become a strong-hearted product leader who wants to move the needle towards a more inclusive product mindset but also a people person who believes in servant & conscious leadership.

Currently, she works as Head of Product at a Danish startup called Onomondo.