Decoding product coaching: Harnessing the power of guidance for better products

Oct 24, 2023
8:00 am

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Decoding product coaching: Harnessing the power of guidance for better products


The landscape of product development is constantly shifting, presenting myriad challenges that require specialized knowledge and skills to navigate. A product coach can be the guiding beacon through this complex journey, helping teams unlock their full potential and create products that truly resonate.

Delve into the heart of product coaching and its game-changing impacts on product development and learn about the integral role product coaches play and how teams can engage with them effectively. We’ll cover:

  1. The role of a product coach: Get acquainted with what a product coach is, their scope of work, and their profound impact on the product development process.
  2. The value proposition: Understand the unique problems product coaches solve that teams often struggle with, from tackling ambiguity to improving decision-making processes and facilitating effective communication.
  3. Building better products: Discover how product coaches can elevate your product development strategy and execution, fostering innovation, customer-centricity, and team alignment towards shared goals.
  4. Engaging a product coach: Gain insights into when and how to engage a product coach effectively. Learn to identify the signs that your team needs external guidance and how to make the most of a coaching partnership.
  5. Working with a product coach: Explore strategies for successful collaboration with a product coach, including setting clear expectations, establishing open communication channels, and embracing feedback and learning.
  6. Success stories & case studies: Hear about real-world examples where product coaching has transformed product outcomes, providing inspiration and tangible lessons to apply to your own products.
  7. Practical exercises: Participate in hands-on activities designed to simulate working with a product coach, followed by an interactive Q&A session.

By the end of this talk, attendees will have gained a comprehensive understanding of product coaching and the invaluable advantages it offers. They will be equipped to identify when their team needs a product coach, and how to successfully engage and collaborate with one for optimum product outcomes.

Our speaker

Christopher Lee is a product coach with over a decade of experience in the dynamic landscape of product management. Leveraging his extensive background in product management, Chris transitioned to product coaching, driven by a passion for nurturing talent and aiding teams in creating products.

Having worked with numerous startups and established enterprises across a diverse array of industries, Christopher brings a rich reservoir of practical knowledge and insights. He has successfully guided teams through complex product development journeys, helping them navigate challenges, maximize resources, and accelerate growth.

Chris specializes in fostering a culture of innovation and customer-centricity. He is known for his ability to instill clarity amid ambiguity and to drive strategic decision-making processes. He employs a hands-on approach, working closely with teams to understand their unique dynamics and tailor solutions accordingly. This customized approach has proven instrumental in helping teams transform their ideas into tangible products that resonate with customers and stakeholders alike.

Beyond his technical expertise, Chris has a compassionate and approachable demeanor which facilitates open and honest communication, enabling him to build relationships with the teams he coaches.

Chris is also a speaker and author, often sharing his insights at industry conferences and through various publications. His work is motivated by the belief that effective coaching can significantly elevate product outcomes, and he is dedicated to helping others tap into this potential.

As a product coach, Chris continues to inspire and guide ambitious product teams, equipping them with the tools, strategies, and confidence to succeed in the complex world of product development.