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The Dangerous Animals of Product Management

How to manage challenging stakeholders & influence without authority

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Highest Paid Person’s Opinion

Productboard ZEBRA Dangerous Animal logo


Zero Evidence But Really Arrogant

Productboard SEAGULL Dangerous Animal logo


Seagull Manager

Productboard WOLF Dangerous Animal logo


Works on Latest Fire

Productboard RHiNO Dangerous Animal logo


Really High-value New Opportunity

Productboard PUFFIN Dangerous Animal logo


Plans Unending Feature Factory Initiatives

Productboard GOOSE Dangerous Animal logo


Guesstimating Overly Optimistic Scheduling Estimates

Productboard PUMA Dangerous Animal logo


Promotes Unusually Meaningless Assumptions

Productboard COBRA Dangerous Animal logo


Cognitive Bias Related Assertions

Productboard YAK Dangerous Animal logo


Yet Another KPI

Dangerous Animals of Product Management eBook cover
The Dangerous Animals Handler’s Toolbox

The Dangerous Animals of Product Management video series

Hey product managers! It’s a zoo out there. Join us on a safari to learn how to manage challenging stakeholders — all while staying true to your product strategy.

Dangerous Animals of Product Management series cover
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Dangerous Animals of Product Management 101
Play Video
The Dangerous Animals of Product Management 101
Dangerous Animals WOLF
Play Video
Keeping the WoLF from your door
Dangerous Animals RHiNO
Play Video
How to stop a charging RHiNO
Dangerous Animals HiPPO
Play Video
Satisfying a hungry HiPPO
Dangerous Animals ZEbrRA
Play Video
Making ZEbRAs earn their stripes
Dangerous Animals Seagull
Play Video
Turning Seagull Managers from pests to partners
Leverage Productboard's product management system to promote transparency around your process and show the Dangerous Animals in your life how to think like product managers.

“To avoid being devoured by the Dangerous Animals of Product Management, product managers have to influence without authority — the art of collaborating with key stakeholders in your business and getting them on the same page with your product vision and strategy.”

— Dean Peters, Principal Consultant at 280 Group

Need tips on managing the Dangerous Animals in your life?

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