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South America


Roadmap Alignment

Founded in Brazil in 2010, PSafe became the first Latin America-based start-up to reach a valuation of over 1B Brazilian Reals. PSafe’s flagship product is the dfndr Security Freemium app, which Head of Product Management Carolina Franco describes as an all-in-one solution for ensuring security, privacy, and safety on mobile devices”. 

After gaining initial traction among Brazilian consumers with their dfndr Security app, PSafe is rapidly expanding on two fronts — by growing the global consumer audience for its dfndr app and by launching a new B2B security product for enterprises. As Head of Product Management at PSafe, Carolina is responsible for balancing these competing priorities across multiple product lines.

Looking to improve a “very confusing” system for managing multiple product lines

It isn’t easy to manage two different product lines that are in very different phases of development. Before productboard, PSafe used JIRA to track the progress of product improvements.  “We had this huge backlog in JIRA, and we didn’t know the status of anything — some features that were in the backlog were being worked on, some were new ideas, and some were features that would never get built,” says Carolina. 

On top of that, the product owners had no clear way to coordinate with designers on their team, who used Trello to manage their projects. Product owners found it very difficult to see the progress of different projects and keep them on track. 

PSafe wanted a better solution that could combine the information in Trello and in JIRA to give Carolina and the other product owners one view where they could track the status of all features in various stages of development.  productboard’s Features view and integrations with Trello and JIRA allows the product team at PSafe to do just that. New tickets and changes in ticket status from JIRA automatically sync to productboard, and the product team can see more information about a feature in JIRA or Trello by simply clicking a link in productboard. 

“Now I can log in to productboard every day and look to see which task is in ‘to-do’, ‘in progress’, ‘approval’ or in ‘QA,’” says Carolina. Being able to easily see the status of each task “helped us a lot”, says Carolina. “It’s simple stuff, but it makes a big difference in our day-to-day work.”  

Five months later, PSafe’s product team all leverage productboard to plan and prioritize features, and the rest of Carolina’s team, including designers, marketers, and customer success team members can view the current status and priority of planned and in progress features in productboard.

Driving alignment and inspiration behind the product

With all key product strategy information in one place, the PSafe product team can better communicate not just what features are being built but why those features matter to the business. By sharing engaging visualizations of new product offerings and staying in close alignment with internal design and engineering teams, the PSafe product team trusts productboard to ensure the successful expansion and growth of their product offerings.