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Productboard has almost become a full-time employee at Livestorm
Robin Lambert

Robin Lambert


Livestorm, founded in 2016, is building the next generation of live video software for business. They’ve created an all-in-one software product that helps professionals host live sessions to scale communications. Livestorm is trusted by thousands of companies for a variety of uses, from marketing to sales, to online courses and internal communications, and more.

Robin Lambert is Livestorm’s co-founder and currently their sole product manager. At a 10-person startup powering webinars for tens of thousands of clients every month, with customers such as Intercom, Bosch, and WPP, you can imagine that he has his hands full. Robin struggled juggling all his tasks such as designing, prototyping, interviewing customers, consolidating feedback, prioritizing features, and communicating the product roadmap. By using Productboard, he’s able to automate and simplify many of his tasks so that he can focus on building the right product for Livestorm’s customers.

Automating customer feedback collection and classification

Livestorm customers have a variety of channels to provide feedback: Intercom chats, emails, NPS scores with comments, and even our Productboard Portal. Livestorm needs to account for all this feedback to drive the best product decisions.

Using Productboard’s integrations and Zapier, we push all feedback to Productboard’s Insights inbox allowing Robin to more easily classify, analyze, and turn the feedback into features.

NPS pipeline

As an example, here’s how Livestorm manages NPS feedback:

  1. Livestorm prompts customers from inside the application to provide an NPS score.
  2. If the rating contains a comment, Productboard pulls the score and comment into a note that also includes the customer’s name and email.
  3. We automatically send an Intercom email so that Customer Success can follow up on the rating.

A data-driven roadmap driving company tasks

After collecting and analyzing feedback, the customer success team tags it all to associate them with their respective features. Robin then organizes these features to create a roadmap that is grouped based on the sections of the Livestorm app: (Admin, Event Room, Recording & Replay, etc). These features are prioritized on a roadmap that is viewed by the whole company.

Doing this helps the marketing and support teams define key goals and strategies for the quarters to come. The roadmap also serves as a checklist for new content that needs to be created such as support docs, press releases, blog posts, and product announcements.

Centralizing product management in one place

Robin also built a dashboard in Productboard’s “feature board.” At a glance, he sees what tasks are lagging, what items need more work before sending them to developers, and what needs to be prioritized based on a set of key metrics. Robin tracks the following in Productboard:

  • Tasks – categorized by phase: “Design mockups, Development, QA, and Documentation” and status: “Planned, In Progress, Done, and Not Needed.”
  • Releases – makes our feature release schedule visible to the whole team
  • User Impact Score – calculated based on the amount and importance of the customer feedback collected (native Productboard metric)
  • Drivers – sets Livestorm apart from our competitors: Retention, UX Magic, Reliability, and Innovation
  • Prioritization Score – derived from the drivers (native Productboard metric)
  • Initiatives – defines our strategy and product decisions at Livestorm

Closing the loop: following up with customers

Every day, prospective users and customers send feedback and opinions about the product. Robin used to have to keep a separate record of who asked for Feature X and Y to follow up with them later. But no matter how much effort you put into this, some customers are bound to fall through the cracks. By linking customers with feature requests, Productboard entirely solves this issue.

Productboard has revolutionized Livestorm’s product management processes and habits at every stage. By helping to collect and analyze customer feedback, communicate a roadmap, and manage product development tasks, Productboard gives Robin more time to focus on Livestorm’s customers to build the right product for them. Now, the sky’s the limit as the challenges keep on coming in the world of live video for business.

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