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“Productboard makes it easier for PMs, engineers, and everyone involved to keep track of the easy stuff.”

Jake Forsland Director of Product Operations



Salaried employees worldwide accrue wages as they work but wait until payday to access them. To bridge that gap, DailyPay CEO and co-founder Jason Lee started DailyPay so companies can provide employees access to their hard-earned wages right as they earn them. The payment platform has taken off since its founding in 2015, expanding its payroll services and working with enterprise clients, including Kroger, Vera Bradley, G4S, Six Flags, and more. 


Jake Forsland, Director of Product Operations, joined DailyPay four years ago when the company had just over 20 employees. As the company scaled to more than 600 employees, Jake has seen how Productboard has transformed DailyPay’s approach to product management. 


Scaling up brought an end to simple, unflexible spreadsheets


In the company’s early years, the small product team would simply create makeshift roadmaps in Excel or Google spreadsheets. Since everyone worked incredibly closely together, employees across different functions were hyper-aware of what everyone else in the company was up to. 


However, once the company began to scale, informally keeping employees up-to-date and aligned about new product developments was less effective. DailyPay’s growth corresponded with increased remote workers due to the pandemic, making in-person office interactions less frequent. When Darlene Miranda, Vice President of Product Management, joined DailyPay, the need for a more formal product management tracking tool became even more evident.


“We started to brief Dar on our product strategy and roadmap by showing her our big ugly spreadsheet. As she shared her vision for what product management could be like going forward, it became very apparent very quickly how difficult it was going to be to manage the process using our current tools. We needed a better way.”

Jake Forsland
Director of Product Operations



Finding Productboard and focusing on the “why” 


DailyPay chose Productboard as the right tool to help them achieve more organized and strategic product management. They liked that Productboard’s capabilities helped guide their natural progression toward focusing on the “why” of new products, rather than just the “what” and churning out new features like a feature factory to satisfy specific stakeholder requests.  


“We had to do a much better job of not just solving problems, but focusing on and prioritizing what problems to solve in the first place -- and then focus on how to solve them. We could then confidently explain our product and feature decisions to the rest of the company and our customers, showing them how we’re addressing their needs and creating value for them.”

Jake Forsland
Director of Product Operations


Offloading the “babysitting” aspects of project management 


One of the best parts about Productboard, Forsland said, is it enables PMs to offload the “rote” aspects of product management, such as ensuring people document progress.  


“Productboard makes it easier for PMs, engineers, and everyone involved to keep track of the easy stuff. The stuff a project manager might have sunk a lot of time into,” he said.


That freed up Forsland’s team to focus more on the big picture of product operations. 


“If everyone involved in the product development process has visibility and a solid understanding of what everyone else is working on — you don’t really need a ton of project management. It frees my team up to add a lot of value.”

Jake Forsland
Director of Product Operations


Namely, the Product Ops team focuses on three main areas: Planning and Prioritization, Delivery and Execution, and Optimization — including scalability, processes, tools, training, and ensuring the product team executes accordingly. 


Setting customized views to keep meetings productive and on task


Productboard’s Features board has made a significant impact on Forsland’s team. Using it keeps internal R&D meetings (for example, between PMs and engineers) highly focused and ensures big-picture questions are answered. 


“We’ll set up a customized view in the Features board to facilitate the discussion and keep the conversation in scope. We [would otherwise] revert to talking about the status of what we are building — a habit that leads to redundant conversations and wasted time,” he said. 


Productboard’s seamless integration with Jira means that those customized Features board views can also include what the team’s engineers are working on and their status.


“The Jira integration is really beneficial because we can basically bring the Jira status of certain tickets into the conversation and ensure what we’re talking about aligns with what the engineers are actually working on,” Forsland said. 


Briefing leadership and external stakeholders


Customized views throughout Productboard also make it easy for the Product Operations team to keep high-level leadership and external stakeholders in the loop, giving them a window into the team’s day-to-day operations without getting too bogged down in the details. 


“ We’re starting to have more meetings with our external stakeholders to let them know what’s on the roadmap so they can operationalize around features that are coming soon. We bring high-level leadership into the long-term roadmap discussions and share what we’re thinking of building and why. We have views for all of those conversations.”

Jake Forsland
Director of Product Operations


Since sharing customized views with participants in advance of meetings, their meetings are more efficient as stakeholders know what to expect and are prepared with targeted questions. 


Adopting Productboard and reaping the rewards


With DailyPay’s recent massive growth, two-thirds of its product managers are new. Therefore, Forsland invested in helping new team members learn how to use and utilize Productboard and more senior team members default to using Productboard instead of reverting to “old habits.” 


“We’re just on the cusp of seeing how our investment in adopting this new tool is paying off in the form of actual, valuable time savings. Meetings are starting to get more efficient. People are showing up knowing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing because we’re broadcasting it using the Feature board.”

Jake Forsland
Director of Product Operations


Forsland cites progress just five months after beginning to use Productboard and expects to continue seeing productivity gains in the future. 


Future aspirations


DailyPay also values Productboard’s smooth integration with Slack. Using the Insights board, PMs jot down and track notes and comments from customers or stakeholders (and later link them back to specific features). They also like Productboard’s custom fields. 


Forsland notes that he eventually hopes to move the team toward using the Portal to easily solicit input on new products from customers and colleagues. He knows the team can find even more uses for Productboard in the future, and he’s pleased with how far they’ve come. 


“We’re doing a better job of solving the right problems. We’re doing a better job of prioritizing which features to build first. We’re sharing the thought process instead of keeping it to an individual product manager. We’re talking about the roadmap, letting other teams consider it, allowing them to participate more in the process — that, alone, is huge.”

Jake Forsland
Director of Product Operations


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