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“There's full transparency from the word of the customer or the prospect all the way up through our decisions”

Aaron White Co-Founder & CTO



Blissfully uses Productboard to prioritize their tasks each day

Aaron White, Co-founder and CTO at Blissfully, is a serial technology entrepreneur with a passion for SaaS products. Through his role on the board of a SaaS company that provides subscription analytics, he became fascinated with the sheer volume of SaaS products companies are using these days (more than 180 apps for the average mid-market and enterprise company). White and his co-founder, Ariel Diaz, saw a huge opportunity to help companies avoid wasteful spending as well as manage the process of onboarding and offboarding new hires’ software licenses. And so Blissfully was born. 

As Blissfully grew, providing SaaS management for hundreds of companies, they needed an effective way to track and prioritize all of their customers’ IT needs in one place. “We were getting an incredible volume of different requests from folks. Because once you insert yourself and start detecting what someone’s IT landscape is, they want you to start helping with literally anything and everything in that landscape. And that’s intractable, right? We can only do so many things,” White explained. He found the solution they needed with Productboard.

“We catalogue every SaaS product in the market. So at some point, I've come across pretty much every tool out there. You can kind of smell when a tool is doing it right, when the way it thinks about the world is correct. Productboard has that, which is awesome.”

Aaron White
Co-Founder & CTO, Blissfully

“Productboard offered the right mental model for us to be able to collect all the insights from everywhere into this giant queue,” said White. White found Productboard’s Insights board to be a single source of truth for the company. Blissfully now relies on Productboard’s Features Board to direct their priorities each day.

“What’s been fascinating, as we’ve stayed on top of the queue, the features ordered by user impact consistently reflect what customers are clamoring for,” he explained.

White and his team of 20 all use Productboard daily. Everyone can see the roadmap, insights, and their priorities. “There’s full transparency from the word of the customer or the prospect all the way up through our decisions,” White said. 

The Blissfully sales team inputs notes in Productboard from every conversation with a sales prospect, so the Blissfully product team can categorize it. “That’s been magical for us. Since we’ve done our due diligence on tagging feedback based on ideas people have mentioned, it gives us fantastic touchpoints to follow up with both customers and potential customers that didn’t convert yet,” White explained.

The company also utilizes Productboard’s prioritization functionality to orient their teams each week. Of all of Productboard’s feature prioritization options, user impact scores have been particularly valuable for Blissfully. White socializes the roadmap twice weekly – on Monday morning to lay out the priorities for the week and at the all-hands meeting at the end of the week to highlight key areas of progress from each team. In the middle of the week, White and Blissfully’s Director of Customer Success check on progress, migrating tasks as needed, and notifying team members as tasks are completed.

In addition to using Productboard to track their priorities and progress internally, Blissfully also integrated Productboard’s Portal inside of their product. This gives Blissfully users the ability to see what the Blissfully team is working on and what’s coming up next. “Folks can see the cadence of delivery that we’ve had historically, what we’re working on now, and know that we’re not blowing smoke,” said White.

“The user impact score in Productboard really helps us prioritize. I think if we were using some other project management tool for prioritization, we wouldn't be able to trust it without the backing of data from real user insights.”

Aaron White
Co-Founder & CTO, Blissfully

And White consistently finds that Productboard’s insights are accurate, “Whenever I do the inspection, I see that it lines up with the pulse of what we’re hearing, which is fantastic.”

Blissfully’s users continue to be more than satisfied with the SaaS visibility, management, and optimization they’re getting from the company, and word is spreading. In fact, White is finding that their favorite vendors are now becoming customers. “That’s always really satisfying to see your favorite vendors show up to invest in you,” he said.

As their customers discover all of the ways Blissfully can help them manage their SaaS use – from operations to on-boarding and off-boarding to spend optimization to security and compliance – the company continues to grow. And White is grateful that Productboard is helping them stay on track.

“At Blissfully, we evaluate a ton of SaaS products. Of all those we’ve evaluated in the past two years, four products really stand out. Productboard is one of them — both in terms of its ease of use and the value it provides us.”

Aaron White
Co-Founder & CTO, Blissfully


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