Relocation can be challenging, but it can also be the start of an amazing journey. If you decide to move countries to join productboard, don’t worry, you won’t be alone! Our team is made up of 27 nationalities and counting, with so many incredible people and stories coming together in one company. Here are just a few examples of people who packed their bags and relocated to join our team in Prague.

Yoel – Technical Support Engineer

Originally from Spain, Yoel moved to Berlin, where he lived for two years. When the time came to move again, he decided to make Prague his new home – and we’re so glad he did! 

“Prague is much smaller than Berlin. You can make friends more easily here than in bigger cities, and people are much nicer here! They smile all the time. And the city itself is very beautiful. Just the other day, I turned off my phone and lost myself in the street – I went to Prague castle and discovered these small gardens with jazz music. Oh, and I can’t forget svíčková! Best traditional Czech dish ever.”

Jindra – Security Manager

Originally from the Czech Republic, Jindra spent 13 years in Brisbane and London because he wanted to experience different cultures and be around people speaking English. Earlier this year, he returned to his homeland to join productboard as a Security Manager and found an international experience here in Prague.

“When I left, there were no cool startups here in Prague, not to mention international ones! What I appreciate about productboard is how international we are. Even though we have offices in Prague, the company language is English. I can really use my experience from abroad here, and the culture is great. We’re still quite a small company, so it’s super easy to get to know everyone better. Plus, Prague is much smaller than London, so you don’t have to commute for so long!”

Anh – Associate Product Manager

Anh had been living in London since 2012 when productboard came knocking on his door, and he decided that it was time to move back to the Czech republic. Now you can find him in our product team as one of the Associate Product Managers. He’s currently working remotely from London due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we can’t wait to have him with us in the office here in Prague!

“For me, it was about productboard, the culture, and the people who work here. The energy that came from everyone, the motivation behind the mission, and the fact that it’s a product-driven company – all these aspects made it the right fit for me. I wasn’t planning on returning to the Czech Republic, but after I saw the job description, I was in!”

Nico – Talent Scout

Nico joined productboard on our company offsite in Lisbon – what a great way to start his journey with us! Originally from Bolivia, he moved to Rakovník in the Czech Republic, then returned home for some time before moving back out to Prague, where he’s lived since December 2018.

“What I like the most about the Czech Republic and specifically Prague is that we’re in the heart of Europe, which makes it very easy to travel. I like how there are countless opportunities for expats here in Prague – there are so many communities and so many things to do. And of course, I like that beer is cheap! It’s interesting what “the beer culture” is like here!”

Elizabeth Chase – Velocity Account Executive

Originally from Santa Barbara, CA, Elizabeth met the love of her life, a Slovak living in Prague, on a commercial shoot they were working on together in New Orleans, LA. When wondering where to relocate, they took into consideration a number of factors: quality of life, cost of living, access for travel, educational options, job opportunities, culture, safety and security, etc. Having weighed up all the factors, they decided that relocating to the Czech Republic was unquestionably the right choice, and it hasn’t disappointed yet! Elizabeth has been joyfully in Prague since December 2018.

“Prague is an incredible city. There is something particularly special about Prague in each season (winter is incredibly romantic, summer opens fantastic beer gardens in every park), and there is always something to do. Wonderful farmers’ markets, great nightlife, fantastic restaurants, a growing foodie scene, and a very engaged expat community make slipping into Prague almost effortless. 

Then there’s the proximity to great outdoor activities, be it in the city or just a few kilometers outside. Czechs are big into sport, and you’ll find a multitude of options, from skiing to fishing, climbing, hiking… and of course mushroom picking (go with a local!).

Tradition runs deep here, and if experiencing a new culture is something you’re after, the Czech Republic offers a rich opportunity. Czech language is hard, but English is widely spoken in Prague, and any effort to learn is greatly appreciated by those born and raised here.

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