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7 reasons to join the productboard Sales team

7 reasons to join the productboard Sales team

I joined productboard back in October. In the four months since, I’ve seen the company grow rapidly. Just last month, we announced the closing of our Series B round of funding, raising an additional $45 million in investment. It’s fair to say that this is a company that’s going places.

The coming year should see us double in size as we make productboard the go-to system of record for product managers across the world. To help us in this mission, we’re looking for talented people to join our fast-growing Sales team. Interested? Here are seven reasons why you should be.

1. A product that prospects and customers love

I’ll level with you, selling a great product makes the job so much easier. productboard solves a perfect need for product managers, and there’s nothing really like it on the market. You are directly helping companies across the world improve the way they make their own products. 

This factor definitely makes the job more enjoyable. After all, sales is like a transfer of enthusiasm. The more enthusiastic you are about the product you are selling, the more enthusiastic potential customers will be about buying.

2. An amazing culture that puts employees first

The culture here is something else. Unlike other companies that merely talk the talk, productboard is a place where values truly matter. This starts right from the top with our CEO, Hubert, whose enthusiasm and passion are truly inspiring.  

From the start, I was made to feel welcomed and supported. I had loads of opportunities to meet interesting people from across the company, including Thirsty Thursdays, random one-on-one meet-ups generated by our ‘Donut’ Slack bot, and countless other groups and get-togethers. 

Then there are the amazing benefits. We get free catered lunches every day, unlimited refreshments, and access to gyms, swimming pools, and wellness centers. We also get stock options, allowing us to own a piece of the company in the future.

Me (left) and some of my awesome colleagues during our offsite in Lisbon, Portugal.

3. Opportunities for career progression and professional development

At productboard, there’s a well-defined career path to follow. It looks something like this: 

You might start as a Sales Development Representative (SDR), i.e. someone who sets up meetings and qualifies leads. The next step would be to become an account executive for our Velocity team, which handles companies with up to 500 employees. 

Then, you could move across to the Solution team, which handles larger companies with over 500 employees. Eventually, you could become a Sales Manager and be in charge of one of these two teams.

Basically, if you perform well consistently, you can move forward. We’ve already seen five promotions in Sales, even though the team has existed for less than 18 months. Having worked in companies where there was no clear path for progression, this was a big selling point for me.

Luke, one of our Solution Account Executives based in San Francisco.

4. All the tools you need to be successful

We have access to a suite of tools that make our job easier. In addition to Salesforce, we use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Zoominfo to find prospects, Outreach and Intercom to engage them, and a range of data tools to visualize and track progress. We also use Chorus to record, transcribe, and review sales calls. Last but not least, we use productboard to submit customer feedback to our product team.

Together, these tools automate a lot of our processes, allowing us to focus on doing what we do best – closing deals. There’s no fighting with legacy systems, and if you want access to a new tool, you can get it.

5. The chance to learn and grow

There is so much expertise in our team, and you can tap into it at any time. Take our Head of Sales, Kevin, for example. Before joining productboard, he worked for over eight years at Google and four years at Dropbox. It’s great to be able to learn from someone with that level of experience. 

In general, there is a culture of personal growth. We are given a budget for books and courses, so we can work on improving ourselves as well as the sales figures. Then there’s the chance to attend conferences across the globe. Just recently, I went to the Industry conference in Dublin!

Noah with Kevin, our Head of Sales.

6. A collaborative approach

I’ve worked in sales teams that were super competitive, to the point of being dog-eat-dog. After a while, that kind of atmosphere becomes destructive. At productboard, it’s different. We all want the company – and each other – to be successful. We work together to achieve this and all pull in the same direction. 

There’s a joined-up, collaborative approach to work here. Teams and departments work together, communicate well, and are keen to learn from each other.

7. The chance to make your mark

We’ve achieved so much as a company, but this is really just the start. Those who join the team at this point will be part of an exciting journey, joining a hyper-growth startup from the ground up. 

With offices in San Francisco, Prague, and Vancouver (and who knows where else we’ll go?), this is the chance to work in growing tech hubs around the globe. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to make an impact along the way.

. . .

If you’d like to join us on this exciting journey, head over to our careers page and check out our current vacancies. 

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