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Notes API

Capture product ideas, requests, and feedback from any source

Since its inception, Productboard has provided a new way for customer-driven product organizations to deliver the right features to customers, faster. Its native integrations with common customer feedback channels have allowed product teams to consolidate large volumes of feedback and identify trends around what users really need. But as user feedback continues to arrive through an increasing number of channels, it has become clear that only an open API can help product teams leverage feedback from any source.

Productboard’s Notes API now allows product teams to consolidate product ideas, requests, and feedback from any source in the organization.

The Notes API is a first step toward creating an open platform that supports seamless workflows between Productboard’s product management system and the other digital solutions organizations use.

Integrate with any source of user insights and product feedback:

  • Sales tools: Collect feedback/requests relayed from sales that have been logged in a CRM like Salesforce or Hubspot. (Productboard is also currently working on a native Salesforce integration.)
  • Support tools: Collect feedback/requests from support that have been discussed in customer support tickets. (Productboard already supports native integrations with Zendesk and Intercom.
  • Stakeholder feedback tools: Collect structured feature requests from colleagues via a form you create in Typeform, Jotform, or Survey Monkey. Include required fields to ensure colleagues provide valuable context behind each feature request.
  • User feedback tools: Consolidate qualitative feedback arriving directly from end users via NPS tools or in-app feature request widgets. Capture feedback submitted in user surveys related to feature betas, churn surveys, loss analysis, or explorations of user needs during product discovery.
  • Messaging apps for teams: Easily push colleague feedback wherever it arises, such as in a conversation in the company’s chat tool, including Mattermost spotlighted below. (Productboard already supports a native integration with Slack.)
  • Design tools: Capture feedback left as comments on designs or prototypes in tools like Figma so you can associate them with related feature ideas.

How integrations with the Notes API work

With the Notes API, product teams can can build their own integrations to import ideas, requests, and feedback from any source as new notes on Productboard’s Insights board.

Additional data fields supported:

  • Tags: Additional data like tags can be included to ensure these notes are found by the right product managers in Productboard, or to pre-categorize them by topic, user need, or product area.
  • User attribution: New notes can also be attributed to a user who provided that feedback via the user’s email address. This means that, later on, product teams will be able to follow up with the right users while conducting product discovery, or to notify users when a feature they requested goes live.
  • Source: The note’s source can be customized to clarify what system the note arrived from.
  • Display URL: Each note’s title can be linked back to a custom URL, representing the note’s origin. This makes it easy for Productboard users to navigate from a note back to the original support ticket, survey result, or CRM record in the source system.

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