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FAQs: Productboard acquires SatisMeter

Productboard Acquires SatisMeter | FAQs

Frequently asked questions

SatisMeter, a venture-backed startup founded in 2014, is a powerful customer feedback tool that helps product teams keep an eye on customer satisfaction, stay updated on product performance, and monitor product-market fit. Using SatisMeter’s templates or customizable survey tools, product teams can measure user engagement through in-product touch points and across other channels to assess NPS, CSAT, CES, pricing, product-market fit, and more at every stage of the customer journey.

SatisMeter accelerates the feedback loop and ensures customer feedback gets to the right people faster by allowing product teams to integrate survey insights across their tech stacks, thereby answering all questions standing between a product team and business growth. Headquartered in Prague, SatisMeter serves over 350 companies across the globe, including Calendly, Hunter, Meltwater, Mention, Planable, and Agorapulse.

Digital experiences are the primary way that companies compete with each other, and exceptional digital experiences are what allow companies to sustain their competitive advantage, delight customers, and increase shareholder value. With market conditions rapidly changing and as consumer expectations grow, it will be imperative for product managers to listen to their customers and place them, not features, at the center of their product development process. However, getting customer feedback and insights at the speed and scale they need is very challenging. This acquisition will ensure customer feedback is incorporated into every stage of the product development, so product teams can build the right products and create exceptional digital experiences for their customers.

By centralizing customer feedback from different sources in a single place, converting that feedback into actionable insights, and using those insights to inform every product decision, Productboard has been helping product teams put their users at the center of the product development process. Now, with SatisMeter, product teams have a faster, easier way to gather actionable feedback at every stage of the product life cycle and access the user insights they need in real-time to accelerate decision-making and product delivery.

We expect to start selling it in H2 2022 after we’ve integrated the two products.

SatisMeter supports the integrations found here.

Understanding customers is key to building great products, and customer discovery is the heartbeat of every great product team. However, listening to customers and staying on top of their evolving needs is challenging and time-consuming, and few do it well. Now, by integrating SatisMeter with Productboard, we’re making it easier to gain actionable feedback at every stage of the product life cycle by helping teams gain feedback and learnings at the speed and scale they need. Through this acquisition, product teams will be able to access timely, relevant, and actionable feedback at every stage of the product lifecycle and accelerate product decision-making and delivery.