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How to be an effective product leader in times of change, with Shelley Perry

Live Webinar

July 7th, 2020 | 10:30 AM PT | 1:30 PM ET

In times of recession, many product leaders find themselves challenged to achieve ambitious targets with fewer resources and more pressure from the board and leadership. Many are experiencing an economic downturn and negotiating the complexities of a bear market for the first time. What do product leaders need to do differently to navigate this situation and adapt to these new market conditions? How does this apply to companies at different stages of growth, particularly those in the ScaleUp stage?

Investor, board director, and product leader Shelley Perry joins us for a live webinar to discuss these exact challenges and how CPOs can pivot and refocus on what really matters.

About Shelley Perry

Shelley Perry is an investor, board director, and advisor that specializes in the uniqueness of the SaaS ScaleUp stage. As a former Software/SaaS operator turned investor, Shelley helps to bridge the perspectives during critical growth milestones to unlock value for both sides. In mid-March 2020, in the midst of the COVID shutdown, anticipating a rapid shift to virtual communities, Shelley and her team launched a free community to help connect ScaleUp executives, investors, and advisors: ScaleUp Edge Community that includes Path to CPO. For those looking to get an edge, join the conversation.

How to be an effective product leader in times of change, with Shelley Perry

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