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Roundtables are facilitated “lean coffee” style conversation with others from the Product Makers community and offer a safe space and an open forum in which you can ask questions, share expertise, and exchange best practices with others from our Product Makers community.

  • Share your knowledge, expertise, and experiences
  • Talk about your craft, processes, approaches, methods, and hear how others tackle and/or may solve similar problems and challenges
  • Exchange best practices and helpful resources
Events happen on the second Wednesday of each month (except for July, August, and December). We try to limit attendance to 25 people so we can moderate and give enough space for everyone to participate.

Visit our events page to signup for our next Product Makers roundtable.

How it works and things to know

How it works

We run these using the Lean Coffee format. At the start of each meeting, we’ll:

  • Collect ideas on what topics to discuss using our FigJam board
  • Prioritize those ideas by voting (you’ll get three votes)
  • Discuss them in order of priority getting through as many topics as we can in the time allotted (we typically find that we can get through 3-5 topics in a session)

Things to know

  • These are best for working product managers. It’s not the place for those looking to break into product.
  • We try to talk more about the craft, practice, challenges, etc. of product than Productboard. If you want to talk more about Productboard, our Productboard Academy team does great weekly office hours sessions that may be a better place.
  • These are cameras on meetings and all attending should be prepared to participate. 

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