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Behind every successful product maker, regardless of their role, is someone who helped them along the way. They coached, opened doors, and supported people in getting better at what they do. For our disciplines to grow it’s incumbent on leaders to share their experiences with others.

Maker Mentor is our mentoring program that matches experienced product makers with those at different stages of their careers. Regardless of your functional role — product, design, engineering, product ops, or more — we’re excited to provide a way for people to learn and level up in their roles.

As a mentee, you can:

  • Learn from others’ experience, knowledge, work methods, and approaches

  • Make better decisions, identify possible outcomes, and find a supportive motivator

  • Hone your soft skills and break out of your comfort zone

As a mentor, you can:

  • Share your perspective and experience with others

  • Provide different viewpoints that people may get with their direct leadership or team

  • Grow and develop in your career and support others to grow into leaders

How it works

  1. Join anytime. You must be a Product Makers community member to get access. Join our Slack and visit our #program-maker-mentor channel to get the link and sign up.

  2. Fill out your profile and complete the short questionnaire. You can choose to be involved as a mentor or mentee and can also provide peer mentoring.

  3. Pick your match. We’ll provide you with suggested matches that best align and you can make your pick, indicate the kind of commitment, select the number of sessions, and we’ll notify the other party of your interest.

  4. Connect and start meeting. Once they have confirmed, you can connect with your match and start meeting.

  5. Share feedback. Throughout the program, we’ll support you and check in along the way and gather feedback.


  • Access to our mentor and mentee playbooks and curated content from our platform partner filled with best practices to support you every step of the way in your career journey as a mentor or mentee

  • Opportunities to give back and grow in your product career

Any questions, please contact our community team or check out our FAQ below.


The program is a benefit for and only open to Product Makers community members.

Yes. When you signup, we’ll ask if you want to be a mentor, mentee, or if you want to connect with others for peer support.

Often the struggle in mentoring programs is that there are more mentees than available mentors. Rather than leaving people unmatched, peer pairing offers a way to exchange knowledge, share experiences, and support each other’s growth in a non-hierarchical model where both parties drive the relationship. To participate in this you must also register as a mentor or mentee.

Yes. You’ll have the opportunity as a mentor to indicate the maximum number of mentees you want to support (our default is one) and can increase or decrease this as needed.

We won’t be offering group mentoring to start, but if you’d be interested in this format, please let our community team know as we’ll continue to iterate on this program.

We match on a number of factors and capture information to help us understand your skills, goals, and preferences so we can ensure the best possible match. 

  • For traditional mentor/mentee matches, mentors will receive a notification and will have the opportunity to approve or accept mentee requests

  • For peer pairing, the peer you’re requesting must approve the match

  • Requests will expire in 3 business days

It’s important to find a time and schedule sessions that work for both parties. Before booking a time we suggest connecting with your match before booking. We also highly recommend integrating your calendar so you can easily find available meeting times, send invites, and add video conferencing.

If you integrate your calendar then you will have the ability to auto-add a conference link. If neither of you has integrated your calendars, you can connect offline with the other party to determine what conferencing option works best for you and share the link by leaving the conference option as No Conference and pasting the meeting link in the Location field.

We have a number of available resources to help you get the most from this program:

  • Our mentor and mentee playbooks were created by our community team and are continually updated. These are available in our #program-maker-mentor channel in our community.

  • Our platform partner, Together, also makes available various resources and learning materials that you’ll find in-app under the Resources tab within the Programs section of the app.

  • Pre-session, during the session, and post-session resources are also available in-app to help you get the most out of your time together including conversation guides, checklists, and note-taking options.

We’d encourage you first to stick it out for the few sessions you have and try to make the most of it. However, if you feel your match is not a good fit, you can end the pairing early. We’ll collect feedback from you as to why you decided to finish your pairing early, we’ll notify your mentor and then you’ll be able to pair with another person.

You can pause your participation at any time, but if you have an existing pairing you will first need to end that pairing, as such we encourage you to make changes once your existing match has been completed.

If you need to delete your profile, please reach out to our community team and we can assist you with that.

You can reach out to our community team at any time for help. Our platform partner, Together, also has detailed self-help content available in-app and in their help center.

We’ll collect feedback from you throughout your match program (both qualitative and quantitative), but we are always open to hearing your thoughts and comments and can share them in our #program-maker-mentor channel.

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