Understanding remote product management & collaboration in 2021


COVID-19 has forced everyone to suddenly figure out how to work remotely. How have product teams around the world, at organizations of all sizes, managed this sudden and unexpected shift? How have the events of 2020 impacted the outlook of product teams going into a new year? And what trends have remote collaboration introduced to the product world?

In our upcoming webinar, we chat with Sameer Karim, Products & Innovation Leader at Slalom Consulting, about the data we gathered in our recent survey of over 400+ product managers on these very topics.

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About Sameer Karim

Sameer leads the Products & Innovation practice at Slalom Consulting in San Francisco. He is a global business leader with over 20 years of business strategy, entrepreneurship, digital product development, finance, management consulting, and engineering team management experience gained in the US and China at organizations ranging in size — from new ventures to Fortune 500 companies.

He thrives on identifying and evaluating exciting business opportunities, deeply understanding the needs of potential customers, iterating on products to address those needs, and building exceptional teams.


Understanding remote product management & collaboration in 2021

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