Roadmaps backed by strategy & customer insight

Product managers choose Productboard over ProdPad for its robust capabilities and intuitive design

Holistic view of all your feature ideas
Rich functionality for prioritizing features
Robust capabilities for processing incoming feedback
Intuitive design

A full set of prioritization capabilities

Of all the types of decision-making that may impact an entire company’s success, product prioritization is among the most critical. Even for the smallest teams, these decisions are based on hundreds of inputs and involve multi-step processes of narrowing down the most promising ideas.

Product teams looking to score features on more than just impact vs. effort will appreciate Productboard’s full set of prioritization capabilities that help you confidently decide what to build next and justify your decisions.

A full set of prioritization capabilities


Productboard is optimized for customer-driven product teams with their ear to the market and to the inputs of customers and customer-facing colleagues.

Only Productboard supports robust workflows for processing tens or hundreds of daily product inputs from colleagues and customers spanning multiple product areas.

And only Productboard supports flexible linking of individual user insights within a piece of feedback to one or more feature ideas.

<br> <br> Customer-driven
Former ProdPad customer | Productboard

“With ProdPad I feel like I have blinders on. I can only see feedback or only see ideas and if I link the two together, even then I struggle to grasp big picture context of the features I am documenting because not everything is in view. I really like Productboard because I can see EVERYTHING. And if I want to dig down deeper into my feature hierarchy I can while still being able to see it in the context of everything at a higher level.”

Former ProdPad customer

Roadmaps for every scenario

Productboard offers roadmaps you can use to visualize your plans, secure resources for your product, align your team, and rally the entire organization around where you’re taking the product next.

Create roadmaps in minutes by choosing from popular roadmap styles like Agile, Kanban, Now-next-later, release plans, and date-based timeline roadmaps.

Roadmaps for every scenario

Easy to use

Productboard offers a streamlined easy-to-use system. It’s advanced enough to help you make critical decisions, but it never gets in the way.

Whether you’re a product team of one or 100, it’s easy to get started with Productboard by starting with just the capabilities you need, with the option of adopting more as your needs evolve.

<br> <br> Easy to use

Made for passionate product makers

We believe the system that your product teams rely on day-in-day-out should be beautifully designed and inspire you in your daily work. Above all, it should get out of the way, so you can focus on your own product, not ours.

Productboard serves passionate product makers who see their work as a calling and seek a sense of community with like-minded visionaries, leaders, and dreamers.

<br> <br> Made for passionate product makers

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