Productboard vs. Canny

Productboard offers the features you'll need to align everyone around the right features to build next

Full set of prioritization capabilities
Holistic view of all your feature ideas
Product roadmaps

A full set of prioritization capabilities

Of all the types of decision-making that may impact an entire company’s success, product prioritization is among the most critical. Even for the smallest teams, these decisions are based on hundreds of inputs and involve multi-step processes of narrowing down the most promising ideas.

Product teams looking to evaluate feature ideas by a range of strategic criteria will appreciate Productboard’s full set of prioritization capabilities that help you confidently decide what to build next and justify your decisions.

A full set of prioritization capabilities

More than a feature request forum

Productboard offers a public-facing Product Portal where you can collect votes and feedback on the ideas you’re considering. It also helps you consolidate incoming product inputs from a variety of sources including Slack, Intercom, Zendesk, email, Typeform,, Zapier, and a special Chrome extension for submitting ideas. Flexibly link individual insights within a piece of feedback to one or more feature ideas.

<br> <br> More than a feature request forum

Product roadmaps

Productboard offers roadmaps you can use to visualize your plans, secure resources for your product, align your team, and rally the entire organization around where you’re taking the product next.

Create roadmaps in minutes by choosing from popular roadmap styles like Agile, Kanban, Now-next-later, release plans, and date-based timeline roadmaps.

<br> <br> Product roadmaps

Connects with the tools you already use

In addition to integrations with Jira and GitHub, Productboard allows you to push prioritized features straight into other popular delivery planning tools such as Azure DevOps, Trello, and Pivotal Tracker. In many cases you can track the status of these issues right from within Productboard.

<br> <br> Connects with the tools you already use


Only Productboard offers a variety of capabilities suited for high-growth companies and the enterprise. Manage a complete product portfolio in Productboard while allowing each product manager to focus on the feedback, feature ideas, prioritization criteria, and roadmaps that relate to their work. Group members of your workspace into teams and facilitate collaboration. Assign teams product objectives to provide focus and accountability.

<br> <br> Enterprise-ready

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