Change Management 101: Building a Scalable Framework

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When you go through any transformation, whether that’s integrating a new tool within your tech stack or redefining your product strategy, everyone across the company is impacted. Change often fails, but with the right strategy in place, it doesn’t have to.

During this on-demand session, you’ll learn:

  • Why change frequently fails at organizations
  • The key components of a strong change management framework
  • 5 key design decisions that drive successful change

You’ll also receive expert guidance from Joshua Childs, Director of Product Management at Validity, as he walks us through the biggest obstacles and learnings he had uncovered when his organization underwent change.

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Joshua Childs

Joshua currently serves as Director of Product Management for Email Solutions at Validity. A seasoned product professional with over 10 years of experience in the tech industry, Josh focuses his energy on empathy, repeatable process, and outcomes-driven thinking in product teams.

Change Management 101: Building a Scalable Framework

Denae Foster

Denae is an Engagement Manager at Productboard, where she works closely with enterprise clients creating organizational discipline and focuses on program management within Product teams and beyond. Prior to Productboard, Denae was working in SaaS empowering and enabling customers where she stood up the Professional Services Team.

Change Management 101: Building a Scalable Framework

Julia Valade

Julia has been a Customer Success Manager on the commercial team at Productboard for 11 months, focusing on fostering customer relationships to help them create better products.
Change Management 101: Building a Scalable Framework