Prioritization Is Not the Problem; Your Product Strategy Is

Featuring Anthony Murphy

Tuesday, September 20th

8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 4PM BST

Prioritization shouldn’t be hard. More often than not, when it is, it’s not a prioritization problem, it’s a strategy one. Either your product strategy is vague, missing critical information or it’s misaligned to your organization’s goals. Regardless, without an effective product strategy, prioritization becomes a difficult process – and it shouldn’t be! 

During this webinar, Productboard’s guest speaker, Anthony Murphy, will explain:

  • Why your product strategy is not your product vision and roadmap
  • The role product strategy plays in prioritization
  • Distilling prioritization down into a simple and manageable activity

Our goal is by the end of this webinar, you will be able to take away key findings that you can start applying in your product organization. 

Thank you!

Anthony (Ant) Murphy


Anthony Murhpy is a Product Coach, Director of the Association of Product Professionals, and Founder of Product Pathways.

As an international keynote speaker, coach and writer Anthony helps organizations be successful in product. His experience spans several industries, from Healthcare to AI and Machine Learning. He has shipped products at every stage of the product life-cycle (even sunset them!) and has worked across startups, all the way to large enterprises.

Anthony is also a coffee lover, beer lover, and a father to two cats and a little human.

You can learn more about Anthony and his product philosophy and services by visiting his website, and following him on twitter (@ant_murphy) or his LinkedIn.