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Growing strong product makers mini-conference

Learn what it takes to be a strong product maker from the experts themselves.

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Lisa Mo Wagner -

Lisa Mo Wagner

Adam Thomas	 -

Adam Thomas

Matt LeMay -

Matt LeMay

Dan Olsen	 -

Dan Olsen

Eileen Wang	 -

Eileen Wang

Priya Bhatia -

Priya Bhatia

Michael Park	 -

Michael Park

Neeraj Mathur	 -

Neeraj Mathur

Moe Ali -

Moe Ali

Watch the recordings

Over three days from September 22-24, nine product leaders shared their thoughts on what it takes to be a strong product maker, and the approaches each of them have brought to their work to help them build products that matter together. Our sessions covered:

  • Building the required soft skills
  • Addressing our cognitive biases
  • Avoiding defensiveness
  • Setting a clear and winning product strategy
  • Working well cross-functionally with both customer-facing colleagues
  • Taking a product-led growth approach
  • Building the right structure of people, processes, and a deep understanding of the problems and needs our customers have
  • Using user psychology to get our users to take the actions we want

Whether you had time to catch all three days or just a bit, we invite you to lean into these learnings and grow as a product maker. Share them with your colleagues and friends and improve your product practices.

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