Share what’s planned

Invest in customers in your product direction by sharing what’s planned and what’s in progress.

Share what's planned

Validate feature ideas

Collect feedback from colleagues & customers on your feature ideas to learn which would be most valuable.

Validate feature ideas
Validate feature ideas

“There’s full transparency from the word of the customer or prospect all the way up through our decisions.”

Source new ideas

Provide an outlet for customers to share new ideas you might not have thought of.

Source new ideas

Celebrate all you’ve launched

Share all the features you’ve launched lately to keep customers informed and maximize the value they’re getting from your product.

Celebrate all you've launched

Other ways to benefit from productboard

  • Collect insights

    Collect insights

    Consolidate all your product feedback and identify what users really need.

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  • Prioritize features

    Prioritize features

    Prioritize features that will best address user needs and support your strategy.

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  • Build roadmaps

    Build roadmaps

    Share dynamic roadmaps tailored for different audiences that all stay up-to-date.

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