Features Timeline Roadmap Template

Plan and monitor delivery work across different teams or products in a single view. This template is ideal if you want to get a 1000-foot view of how work is progressing toward a deadline or milestone.

Features Timeline Roadmap Template

When to use this roadmap

Features Timeline Roadmap is good for

  • Planning with your product team: this view lets you align on dependencies, and allocate resources
  • Showing the timeline of a feature separately from any timelines concerning larger releases or objectives.
  • Aligning on very large or very small features, since you can display subfeatures.

We do not recommend Features Timeline Roadmap for

  • Sharing with large audiences or customer-facing teams – you don’t want to commit your team to a specific release date too far in advance! Instead, consider a Now-next-later roadmap or a Kanban roadmap.
  • Discussing features which are bundled into releases. If your features are associated with releases, consider a Release timeline roadmap.
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