The #1 feature prioritization matrix solution

Productboard's drag-and-drop prioritization matrix helps you choose the right features to work on next.

The #1 feature prioritization matrix solution

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Prioritize feature ideas

For far too long product managers have been focusing on what’s getting built when. But it’s time to ask why. No amount of optimization of the product delivery process ensures you’re building the right thing. Productboard can help you make better feature prioritization decisions.

Prioritize feature ideas

Surface your top-requested features

Collect feedback from colleagues, prospects, and customers. Then use it to see which features have been requested the most and with greatest urgency. Visualize the features with the highest user impact on a prioritization matrix.

<br> <br> Surface your top-requested features

Build the right features faster

For every feature idea, see everyone who’s ever requested it, what they said, and how important it is to them. It’s all the information you need to ensure you’re building the right features in the right way.

<br> <br> Build the right features faster

Justify your prioritization decisions

From prioritization matrix to roadmaps, Productboard has what you need to confidently align your team and lead your organization forward. Share the data behind key prioritization decisions with stakeholders so everyone appreciates the rationale.

<br> <br> Justify your prioritization decisions

Preserve existing workflows

You need fewer tools, not more. Productboard helps you consolidate user inputs and feature ideas scattered across many systems. Integrate with popular customer touchpoints like Intercom and Zendesk, and hundreds of others via Zapier. When you’re ready, push prioritized features straight into popular dev planning tools like Jira, Azure DevOps, Trello, GitHub, and Pivotal Tracker.

<br> <br> Preserve existing workflows

So what is on your feature prioritization matrix?

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