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Weekly Webinar Series: Best practices when using productboard

Jan 20, 2021 - Jan 20, 2022

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Weekly Webinar Series: Best practices when using productboard

We are excited to introduce our newest live-online webinar series: Best practices when using productboard!

In each 30-minute session, we’ll dive deep into a key feature of productboard, sharing best practices and real examples to help your team achieve Product Excellence

Topics include:

Session 1: Creating the right hierarchy
Session 2: Collecting customer insights
Session 3:
Prioritizing and planning feature ideas
Session 4:
Planning releases
Session 5:
Integrating Jira
Session 6:
Sharing your vision: Roadmap & Portal
Session 7:
Getting your colleagues involved

We’ll show you how productboard power users get the right product to market, faster.

P.S. We keep these webinars short and sweet, but if you’re really pressed for time and just want to dive in, check out our 3-minute bite-sized video series!

Hosted by: 

Anthony Amenta
Customer Success Manager