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Telling your roadmap story using the 6StoryTypes system

Nov 17, 2022
8:00 am

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Telling your roadmap story using the 6StoryTypes system


Imagine this: You, feeling confident in a conference room, pitching Ann the CEO to win her final go-ahead to fund your project. Your team, sitting with their fingers crossed, watching you with expectant eyes. Suddenly, you notice Ann reaching for the phone in her pocket. Oh no, you’re about to lose her attention. As a Storyteller, you are prepared for this moment. Flipping to a backup side, you pump energy into your next sentence.

Energetically, you exclaim, “I didn’t believe it either. But here’s the hard truth.” You lean towards Ann who jolts at your energy and look up. You point to the image. “This is Tom, his company spent thirty thousand dollars with us last year, he’s unsubscribing this year. There are 3000 Toms doing the same. My project targets this churn.” She’s nods. You know she’s paying attention again. You end with a flourish. The room erupts in cheers. Or was that just your imagination? Doesn’t matter, the CEO nods with approval. Your team got the go-ahead.

As a product leader, you motivate teams, sell to customers and inspire your executives with your roadmap story. Delivering a powerful story is paramount reaching your audience.  But different audiences require a different story and delivery. There are 6 StoryTypes and each has different needs. In this session, we will learn about the 6 Types, find out which one you are and how to assess your audience’s type.  Then learn to tune your delivery for the most impact with your audience.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  1. Your own StoryType
  2. How to assess your audience.
  3. How to leverage your StoryType to motivate, sell and inspire.

Our speaker

Connie Kwan is a product executive with 17+ years of experience leading teams in Product and Marketing. She teaches Storytelling to Product Leaders. Her company Product Maestro created the proprietary 6 StoryType System that is used by over a thousand leaders nail their stories and earn funding, executive support, team support and promotions.