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Taking customer centricity to the next level: the art and science of product integrations

Mar 24, 2022
8:00 am

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Taking customer centricity to the next level: the art and science of product integrations


In February 2022, the product teams Productboard and Amplitude released a new integration that marries qualitative and quantitative data in a single place to help product managers make better product decisions.

While we often get to see the end product, we seldom get to hear about the journey, decisions, tradeoffs, challenges, and partnership that led to the final product. For this event, we’re pulling back the curtains and inviting you to discover how two of the product leaders that worked on this integration — Chris Selden (Amplitude) and Jeremy Alexander (Productboard) approached the work that went into building this integration. In this session, you’ll learn how Amplitude and Productboard’s product teams:

  • worked together in partnership
  • how they overcame challenges and hurdles
  • valuable lessons and takeaways that can help any product team approach partnerships and integrations successfully and set the stage for future growth and improvement
  • how this new capability can help you make more effective product decisions grounded in customer-centricity and how it’s being used at both Productboard and Amplitude to shape product decisions.

Our speakers

Christopher Selden

Christopher is a Senior Product Manager at Amplitude, driving development for data products such as Amplitude’s data warehouse and cloud storage products, as well as their integration infrastructure. He previously worked as a product manager focusing on data management and new products at Samsung and Criteo.

Jeremy Alexander

Jeremy is the Product Manager, Ecosystems and Integrations at Productboard and brings a wealth of experience including prior product roles at SocialTalent and Facebook.