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Roadmaps are not for communication. Roadmaps are for persuasion and influence.

Nov 10, 2022
8:00 am

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Roadmaps are not for communication. Roadmaps are for persuasion and influence.


Roadmaps work to show what we’re making and help the customer plan. But they also show why we’re not making that thing you want, persuade the customer to commit to buying or renewing, and can build (or rebuild) trust. And roadmaps internally show that we’re aligned with the strategy (yay!) and can illustrate that we’re not idiots or malingerers (what?). Join us for a lively fireside chat and AMA filled with provocative opinions and thoughts on all things roadmaps.

Our speaker

Nils is a Senior PM at TriNet, a well-known product speaker, product coach, and host of Secrets of Product Management podcast which explores mental models, tools, techniques, and secrets for product managers, product marketers, innovators, and founders.

He describes himself as born to be a product manager, one to have his fingers in everything, and someone who loves working with people and teams to help them achieve great things. He started his career in product management when there were no classes, books, or tools and describes himself as lucky to work with excellent mentors that both taught and led by example and showed him the importance of finding market problems worth solving, driving the creation of solutions, and taking those solutions to market. Nils’ goal is to help us all create more value by ensuring every product is a solution to a meaningful market problem. And that every team creating and selling products is as effective as they can be.