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Putting the messenger back into the message

Jan 12, 2022
8:00 am

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Putting the messenger back into the message


Communication is a key product skill.

  • If you’ve ever sent an email, Slack message, or LinkedIn message and been misread, misunderstood, or ignored…
  • If you’ve ever hosted a video call or meeting and felt like you were talking to yourself because there was so little interactivity, engagement, or feedback…
  • If you’ve ever pitched, presented, or trained virtually and failed to create a strong connection or lasting impact…

This event is for you.

Every day, you’re entrusting your most important and valuable messages to faceless, typed-out text. Learn why that’s a problem for you, for others, and for outcomes – and get tips and insights toward a real solution. Yes, we’re talking about personal video messages – with someone who’s sent more than 12,000 himself, written 2.5 books on the topic, and has been helping people with it for a decade.

Ethan is the co-author of the new book Human-Centered Communication and anyone who needs to generate attention, build trust, and create engagement online will benefit from these ideas, models, frameworks, and stories.