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Product as reflection of self: mindful product management

Mar 3, 2022
8:00 am

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Product as reflection of self: mindful product management


Product management can be stressful, fast-paced, and taxing. In this workshop, learn how simple mindfulness and breath techniques can not only reduce stress and instill in you an unshakeable feeling of calm and centeredness but also increase focus, generate more ideas, and enhance creativity—crucial product discovery skills.

Chad will share some timeless yogic wisdom and speak to the practical benefits of traditional yoga techniques like pranayama and specific meditative techniques. He will then lead the group in a few simple seated practices. No props are required, although you should have a chair or a cushion to sit on.

Our speaker

Chad is a senior product manager and privacy counsel at Relyance AI, a machine learning company that is helping companies automate data privacy and data governance. As a product manager and former attorney, Chad understands the importance of remaining centered and calm while managing a heavy and chaotic workload. He teaches a holistic style of yoga and meditation he calls Elemental Yoga which reflects his years of study in India. Chad also has a podcast called Spiritual But Not Ridiculous.