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Prioritizing to build what customers need: Saying no to a 1000 things

May 5, 2022
8:00 am

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Prioritizing to build what customers need: Saying no to a 1000 things


Product Managers face countless challenges but none is bigger than getting prioritization right. To ease that burden, almost every year tons of new models, canvas and books appear promising the best way to prioritize in order to swiftly ship our users the features they need. In this presentation, and based on interviews with PMs from numerous companies around the world, we will dive into what theory says and what actually happens in companies when it’s time to prioritize. We will discuss the risks and benefits of these methods and lastly, and most importantly, share some actionable advice that can hopefully take your priorities to the next level.

Our speaker

Laura Andina was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Laura has lived in Madrid for the past 17 years. She started working in digital products in 2012 as a UX designer. In 2014 she founded the Madrid chapter of the international event Ladies that UX aimed at empowering design women around the world. After half a decade as a UX designer and lead, she transitioned to Product Manager in 2017. Today she is in charge of the Strategic Prioritization team in Productboard working relentlessly to ease the burdens of aligning people on a single strategy and allowing them to prioritize in a flexible way.