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Prioritization for rapid risk reduction with pivot triggers

Apr 20, 2023
8:00 am

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Prioritization for rapid risk reduction with pivot triggers


The success of your product always depends on the behaviours of people or systems that are outside your control.

But “start with those critical behaviours” is easier said than done. How do you know which behaviours matter? And how can you learn about them without building the product in the first place?

Pivot Triggers is a lightweight set of scaffolding that helps teams do discovery and delivery at the same time. With a few quick exercises, you’ll prioritize the work in a sequence that rapidly reduces risk and increases confidence.

Our speaker

Tom is a pragmatic product person who loves coaching teams to get unstuck and make meaningful progress.

Tom’s been preoccupied with finding new ways to meet customers’ needs for over 20 years. After falling in love with design, user research and marketing strategy while studying engineering at Cambridge, he co-founded a web agency that spun out 2 of the UK’s biggest lead-generation startups. He’s been working with startups and product innovators ever since.

Specializing in complexity theory, Tom has coached multiple teams through the thorny “Second Product Problem”. His card deck, Innovation Tactics, is soon to be released through Pip Decks, and his newsletter has been read by thousands of design and product professionals. When not nerding out about design, he loves dancing Lindy Hop and hanging out with his kids, though not often at the same time.