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Phase shift: Scaling innovation

Oct 13, 2022
8:00 am

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Phase shift: Scaling innovation


How do you accelerate a successful product’s rate of innovation to continue driving exponential growth for the business? Early in a product’s lifecycle, innovation is often driven by one person with a singular vision to change the world. As a team grows, the execution of that vision is naturally scaled with more people. Accelerating the rate of innovation requires a phase shift, a deliberate change in approach requiring new skill sets and processes.

Our speaker

Benjamin has been building enterprise software at startups for 20 years. After spending the first decade of his career building early subscription-based web applications, Benjamin formally pivoted to product. As a product leader, Benjamin has grown tens of millions of ARR at Yext (IPO), Urbint (PMF & Series, and most recently EvolutionIQ).