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Hypothesis-driven product development

Dec 15, 2022
8:00 am

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Hypothesis-driven product development


Successful product roadmaps don’t look like a series of features in priority order. They represent a research plan – each experiment gives teams the information to define the next. This experiment model lets us proactively seek a path toward our established target outcomes. Pavel will discuss his approach to setting product goals via a combination of business OKRs and customer Jobs to be Done, defining a working hypothesis for how to achieve those goals, and rapidly refining that hypothesis via UX methodologies during the course of product delivery.

Our speaker

Pavel currently builds design practice and leads innovation engagements at AWS as a Design Architect. His design practice draws on his experience managing enterprise product teams at Bloomberg, design-driven rapid prototyping in the start-up world, traditional graphic design education, and an academic background in human-computer interaction. While you were reading this paragraph, he has probably posted at least three tweets.