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How to run successful product-led growth experiments

Apr 13, 2023
8:00 am

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How to run successful product-led growth experiments


In a world where usersโ€™ needs continually change, product experimentation is crucial to validate new ideas, prioritize, iterate quickly, and ultimately keep users happy. But how do you run experiments that help you make decisions based on solid evidence rather than guesswork?

In this webinar, Jay will share a tried-and-tested framework to generate killer growth across product adoption, engagement, and retention.

Our speaker

Jay is the Head of Growth at Chameleon. Jay has 10 years of experience commercializing SaaS products and is currently leading growth at Chameleon through education, activation, and conversion of self-serve customers. He specializes in data-driven experimentation, high-performance analytics, and building efficiencies across the go-to-market process.