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How to collaborate successfully as a product manager

Oct 6, 2022
8:00 am

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How to collaborate successfully as a product manager


Successful product managers are great collaborators. They have to collaborate with engineering, design, data science, marketing, sales, channel partners, legal, leaders, and customers. They have to create bonds, get buy-ins, negotiate, manage conflicts, facilitate discussions, and influence and motivate the team. Collaboration is even more important in the remote-first world. In this talk, we’ll go over tips for successful cross-team collaboration.

Our speaker

Arvind has over 15 years of experience leading product management, product marketing, and business strategy for top tech companies. Currently, he is leading the global strategy for Microsoft Teams extensible experiences and the media portfolio for Teams chats and channels. Before his current role, he was leading Dynamics 365 cloud migration global strategy. He has also worked as a Senior Product Manager for Software and Services at Fluke Corporation and for Growth at Corning Incorporated.  He has an MBA from the Pennsylvania State University and a Masters’s in Industrial Design from the National Institute of Design. He is also actively involved in mentoring early career product managers and marketers.