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How to be a climate-positive product manager

Mar 9, 2023
8:00 am

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How to be a climate-positive product manager

If every company is a software company (Satya Nadella), and every job is a climate job (Drawdown Project), then product managers represent a professional group with huge climate potential. But how do we convert that potential?

You don’t have to be building climate tech to join the fight. In this talk, we’ll explore what climate-positive product management looks like, with practical examples. Here’s what you will learn:

  • The role of product managers in reversing climate change.
  • Why climate-positive development is good for customers and often translates to a better bottom line.
  • Carbon efficiency and the power of your decisions to influence energy consumption.
  • Key frameworks for prioritization that champion the voice of the planet.
  • How to align leadership and empower your teams with sustainable objectives.

“Product managers straddle what’s possible, what’s useful and what the world needs (but sometimes doesn’t know it yet). And the world needs climate-positive thinking in all that we build — from energy-efficient software to features that nudge users towards more sustainable behaviour.” — Anshuman Bapna, co-founder,

Our speaker

Peter is an entrepreneurial product leader focused on enterprise tech, and passionate about the planet. He is the author of the series “Climate-Positive Product Management“. Peter is currently helping the solar industry scale by building solar asset lifecycle management with Raptor Maps.

As a product leader, Peter’s purpose is to create space for focused discovery and meaningful insights, empower rapid validation, and create processes that let us measure and repeat value creation. One of his favourite mantras is “go slow to go fast“.

Peter is also a qualified lawyer specialized in corporate / antitrust law.